Gary Greens mule all dressed up in the QVMR mule saddle.


This is Festus he is a 24 year old draft mule.


Radar is a 4 year old quarter horse mule, I broke to ride this past spring. We pretty much just trail ride, we live in north Florida and are looking to move Southwest in the near future.


I LOVE my Trail Lite saddle. My first priority was that my donkey was comfortable while riding, and he is. I didn’t expect to be so comfortable either! I especially love how light it is…so much easier on my arms, shoulders, and back. I’m sure my donkey appreciates the lightness, too! But don’t let the lightness fool you…it’s super-durable. And very beautiful…I get lots of compliments on it!


Montana the mule coming along nicely in his saddle training with QVMR gear. Montana loves his new saddle.

Sis Rose

Say hi to Sis Rose’s mule! What a beauty!!


This is Maria’s saucy, sassy mule Emma-Gem.


Mule Cracker Day 60 after being ridden 750 miles from North Carolina to western Illinois. White hair visible beside spine and on top of rib cage.


Happy mule of a happy owner.


I have a pair of Quarter horse molly mules that I have been training to drive. They are full sisters, 3 and 4 years old. I have been doing a lot of ground driving over the late summer and fall. This week I started hooking them to the sleigh, things have been going fairly well. I’m using collars that were used on a pair of mules in the past, and to the best of my knowledge they fit my mollys fairly well.