Riding in the Three Sisters Wilderness near LaConte Crater. At the base of the South Sister in Oregon. Ride number 20 in his mule saddle.

Dan and Jewel

Dan my mule and Jewel my donkey named after my grandmother who passed when I was born in ’69.


Here is my significant other, Jordan Mccoy and her mule OP.


The snow has melted enough to where yesterday we took the two riders into some steeper country and my mule did not complain once going up or down hill.

Kevin Douglas

This is my handsome mule Kevin. When I was a little girl, I’d ride a hay bale and pretend it was my mule named Kevin. I knew everything about him. What he looked like, how his personality would be etc. 30 years later I got my Kevin.


This is my rescue 15-year-old molly mule. I’ve only had her 4 months and it’s been quite a journey.

Peaches, Ruthie, and Callie

Callie sorrel, Peaches white old pack mule, and Ruthie bay saddlebred. Callie sorrel sired by Clyde’s gallant fox Peaches white rescue mule from west Texas and Ruthie bay out of a American saddlebred.


Chancy wearing Steve Edward’s britchen.

Sonny Boy

Here’s the photo of Sonny Boy.

Scott Moore

Here is Abby sitting with our mule Bunny.