Scott Moore

Here is Abby sitting with our mule Bunny.


Katrina an 9 year old mule with Steve Edward’s Signature Series Mule saddle, bridle and britchen!


Here is Mel Rae and her mule wearing the light trail saddle, britichen, beast collar, headstall and reins from QVMR.


Gary Greens mule all dressed up in the QVMR mule saddle.


I LOVE my Trail Lite saddle. My first priority was that my donkey was comfortable while riding, and he is. I didn’t expect to be so comfortable either! I especially love how light it is…so much easier on my arms, shoulders, and back. I’m sure my donkey appreciates the lightness, too! But don’t let the lightness fool you…it’s super-durable. And very beautiful…I get lots of compliments on it!


Montana the mule coming along nicely in his saddle training with QVMR gear. Montana loves his new saddle.


Mule saddle this week. Black closed cell foam pad in addition to regular pad. Also, cantle bag on top of saddle to spread load on bars, not on mule’s back.


My mule Chugg. Steve’s tack fits great.

Mule with mule saddle


Say hi to Earl! Thank you to Cheryl for sending in this photo of her along with her boy up in Garden Valley, Idaho. Cheryl has made a lot of strides forward with Earl, changing out her equipment for equipment designed specifically for the mule.

Carl Perry riding Clay the Mule for Bishop Mule Days comedy


Say hi to Clay — the mule dressed as an elephant! Hannah shared that in this picture, Clay is all dressed up for the Bishop Mule Days comedy load back in 2016. He is being ridden by Hannah’s packing trainer, Carl.

Who has been to Mule Days?