Dan and Jewel

Dan my mule and Jewel my donkey named after my grandmother who passed when I was born in ’69.


This is my son Mo on our Faye with your saddle! Great! Thank you so much for creating this great gear!


Chancy wearing Steve Edward’s britchen.


My very first time sitting on my mammoth donkey Lucass. I started groundwork, following Steve’s advice for a week before I mounted up and he was perfect.


The donkey is getting the teeth floated using a speculum to keep the mouth open and a squeeze shout to hold the donkey.


Here are our small african donkeys, the sure are tough! The locals really test them to the max.

Stormy & Molly

Here is Stormy the molly mule. The donkey’s name is Molly.


Here is Mel Rae and her mule wearing the light trail saddle, britichen, beast collar, headstall and reins from QVMR.

Man riding mammoth donkeys in utah

Two Mammoths

Say hi to these two mammoths! Owner (and rider) Dave sent in this photo and says that he takes these two into the mountains of Utah, a lot! He is a hunter and a trail rider.

Picture of Emma Riding Goliath the Mammoth Donkey


Say hi to Goliath! Vicki sent in this picture of her 8 year old mammoth with her daughter, Emma, on board. They are just starting Goliath under saddle, looks like they found a good fit!