OP and Buddy

My girlfriend(Jordan) on OP and I(Trinity) on Buddy in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. We are both fully equipped with Queen Valley Tack.


Here I am with my mule Guadarrama.


We just walked around the arena for a few minutes and called it good for the day.


Really like my new saddle!


Dixie in Steve's Buckaroo saddle and tack


Topaz is my granddaughter, Bella’s, best friend. They hang out together. Bella lives with Grandma and life is hard for her sometimes. Topaz helps.


This is Abbi being mad at me.

Jesse Marsha

This is my new girl, Jesse Marsha. She is 14 years old and was used as a pack mule. I hope to ride her but if not I’m just happy to have her in my paddocks as a companion to the horses.


My 4 year old mammoth donkey.

Wendanjo Susannah

Susannah is an Australian X Mammoth Jennet. Here we are commemorating ANZAC day in honor of Simpson and his donkey.