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Say hi to Earl! Thank you to Cheryl for sending in this photo of her along with her boy up in Garden Valley, Idaho. Cheryl has made a lot of strides forward with Earl, changing out her equipment for equipment designed specifically for the mule.


Say hi to Clay — the mule dressed as an elephant! Hannah shared that in this picture, Clay is all dressed up for the Bishop Mule Days comedy load back in 2016. He is being ridden by Hannah’s packing trainer, Carl. Who has been to Mule Days?

Miss Ed, Coco, and Tonto

Say hi to Miss Ed, Coco, and Tonto! Garth sent in this picture from one of their successful elk hunts in Colorado. All you hunters, use the comments below to share where you’ve gone hunting with your mule or donkey.


Say hi to Müsli! Her owner Machaela sent in these photos and shared that Müsli’s mother is an Andalusian mare and the father is an Andalusian donkey. Looks like Machaela has herself a really good buddy.

Lewis, Reliance, and No Name

Say hi to Lewis, Reliance, and ‘No Name’! Reliance is actually a ‘movie star’ — he was used in a past training video for Steve Edwards. Owner, Billie, says that the third mule doesn’t have a name — what name could you think of that would go great with Lewis and Reliance?